Managed Cybersecurity

Advanced cybersecurity solutions that protect your business from online threats

Spam Filtering

Prevent spam from entering your email inboxes

ENS’s Spam Filtering solution uses real-time scanning and filtering to keep you safe from questionable and unsafe emails. You’ll be able to save time from manually removing spam emails, communicate with confidence, and free more inbox space.

Malware Prevention

Threat identification and mitigation you can count on

Malware can have devastating and costly impacts on any company, particularly on small businesses that lack robust protection. ENS’s Malware Prevention solution uses threat intelligence technology to scan, quarantine, and eliminate all types of malware in real time.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Our SIEM tool collects security data from all sorts of devices and uses analytics to analyze data and discover trends. This way, you can keep your business safe and gain total visibility over your all security breaches.

Staff Training & Learning Management

We empower your staff with the knowledge needed to prevent cyberattacks

No software is 100% foolproof and human error is one of the culprits of a data breach. ENS’s comprehensive security training ensures your employees are able to recognize and mitigate threats to your business.

Encryption Service Solutions

Keep your data safe and compliant with industry regulations

We protect data at rest and in transit with off-site, full-disk, and AES 256-bit encryptions. You get safe and secure access to all your files, emails, and media while having total control over all encryption keys through a centralized system.

24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

We monitor the security of your information around the clock

Our team of cybersecurity specialists consistently monitors your network to make sure everything is running optimally. Any issue that arises will be assessed and mitigated quickly before it becomes a critical event.

Darkweb Scanning & Alerting

Prevent your business credentials from being sold on the dark web

We perform regular scanning of the dark web for your credentials and password information to protect you from account takeover attacks. You get real-time alerts when any stolen credentials are found so you can terminate compromised accounts immediately.

ENS’s Managed Cybersecurity services protect your business with:

  • Advanced spam and malware solutions
  • Security automation tools
  • Robust data encryption
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting
  • A team of experienced security specialists
  • 24/7 support, no excuses

Maximum Uptime

With comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that eliminate threats in real time

Zero Disruption

Thanks to our remote support solution

Proactive Support

We watch over your IT 24/7 and respond to issues quickly

Peace of Mind

Know your network and data is protected, compliant, and accessible no matter what comes your way

Uncompromised Control

A centralized dashboard gives you maximum control over your network and data

Enhanced Visibility

Through detailed reporting and user-friendly dashboards

Professional Planning

Our technology expertise is second to none

Predictable Costs

No surprises with an affordable monthly fee

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