Technology Assessment

ENS’s Technology Assessment offers a detailed and accurate view of your IT infrastructure based on the business needs of your organization

During each contracted engagement we will:

  • Review Existing Strategic and Operational Business Plans
  • Inventory Primary and Secondary Business Applications
  • Interview Key Stakeholders to Assess Key Systems for Up-time Requirements
  • Assess the IT Infrastructure in Relation to Prior Documented Business Needs / Demands

Once we have the details required, our team will analyze the data, identify areas of risk or need and build a remediation plan that aligns the IT services to the true needs of the business. You’ll know exactly what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not, and how to optimize your technology to support your business goals.

Are you certain your...

  • Technology infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency?
  • Technology won’t break resulting in costly downtime?
  • Data is secure and recoverable?
  • Technology investments support your business goals?

Optimized IT

Discover tech weaknesses so you can improve your IT systems

Minimal Disruption

Our assessment is conducted quickly on-site

Expert Advice

We advise the best course of action to remediate tech issues without breaking the bank

Strategic Roadmap

Get a long-term IT plan that supports your processes and goals

Full Compliance

We know what kind of protection needs to be put in place for the industry you operate in

Enhanced Visibility

Through detailed reporting and user-friendly dashboards

Peace of Mind

Identifying your pain points beforehand lets you resolve them before they disrupt your business

Lowered Costs

Catching issues early on minimizes downtime and maintenance costs

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